List of major violences directed against Shia Hazaras in Afghanistan between 2006 and 2018



Date Location Incidents Total killed Total Injured Total Kidnapped Initial claim by
09-Feb-2006 Hirat Gun attack on Shia Hazaras in Herat Province on Ashura Day 7 100
25-Jun-2010 Uruzgan Taliban killed 9 Hazaras in Khas Uruzgan of Uruzgan Province 9 Taliban
06-Dec-2011 Kabul Suicide attack on Shia pilgrims at Abolfazl Shrine killed 60 and injured 200 (including women & children. 63 200 Lashkar-e-Jhangvi al-Alami
06-Dec-2011 Balkh, Mazar e Sharif Bomb explosion near the main mosque in Mazar-e-Sharif 4 17
24-Nov-2012 Kabul Hard-line Sunni students interrupted Ashura in the dormitory of Kabul University with 1 student killed and 30 others injured 1 30 Hard-line Sunni students
05-Sep-2013 Kabul Gunmen in police uniforms attacked Imam Zaman Masjid in Dasht-e Barch of Kabul and injured 2 worshippers 0 2 Pakistani Nationals
28-Jul-2014 Ghor Armed men stopped two minibuses, singled out 14 Shia Hazaras, and brutally killed them all. The victims included newlyweds, women and children. Qari Rahmatullah, a Taliban commander, was later arrested in connection to this attack. According to some reports Qari Rahmatllah had joined the Islamic State 14 Taliban & IS-K
24-Feb-2015 Zabul 31 Hazara passengers kidnapped on Zabul-Kabul hwy. 19 of 31 released, 2 died after release, 2 are missing and the rest were beheaded 13 31 IS-K & IMU
16-Mar-2015 Ghazni 10 Hazaras kidnapped in Ghazni. 9 released soon. 0 10
17-Mar-2015 Farah 6 Hazaras kidnapped on Kanisk area of Hirat-Farah Hwy, Farah province 0 6
25-Mar-2015 Daikundi 20 Hazara Shia kidnapped by Taliban in Kijran district of Daikundi. Released 3 days later 0 20 Taliban
30-Mar-2015 Balkh 3 Hazaras kidnapped in Sholgara district of Balkh 0 13
01-Apr-2015 Sar-e Pul 13 Hazaras kidnapped in Balkhab district of Sar-e Pul; all released in two weeks. 0 13 Taliban
14-Apr-2015 Ghazni 4 Hazaras from Malistan district traveling to Ajrestan district kidnapped and killed 4 4
08-Jun-2015 Ghazni 4 Hazaras, including 2 women & 1 child, kidnapped in Gelan district of Ghazni 0 4 Taliban
16-Jun-2015 Ghazni 6 Hazaras kidnapped at Qarabagh of Ghazni. 4 released and 2 missing 2 6
04-Jul-2015 Maidan Wardak 22 Hazara Security force left without any support for 24 hours in Jalriz until they killed by the Taliban 22 Taliban
25-Jul-2015 Baghlan 18 Hazaras, including women and children, kidnapped in Dahana-e Ghori district. 0 18
09-Aug-2015 Ghazni 3 Hazaras kidnapped in Nawoor district of Ghazni and killed after four days 3 3
12-Aug-2015 Ghazni 12 Hazaras abducted in Ghazni province. 3 killed and the rest unknown 3 12
05-Sep-2015 Balkh 13 Hazaras kidnapped and killed in Zari district of Balkh Province. The gunmen stopped two vehicles, lined up the male passengers (all Hazaras) and shot them 13 13
20-Sep-2015 Ghazni 1 Australian-Hazara (Sayed Habibullah Musawi) captured by the Taliban when traveling to Jaghori from Ghazni and killed after three days 1 1 Taliban
13-Oct-2015 Ghazni 7 Hazaras, including 2 women, 2 boys, and 1 girl, kidnapped in Kabul-Qandahar highway on the way to Jaghori, Ghazni Province. All of them brutally beheaded on 8 November 2015 0
01-Jun-2016 Sar-e Pul 17 Hazaras abducted in Sar-e Pul province by unknown gunmen. 0 17
23-Jul-2016 Kabul Two Suicide bombers attacked on peaceful Enlightening Movement protesters at Deh Mazang Square, Kabul, killing 97 and injuring 413, the deadliest dead since 2001, all belong to Shia Hazaras 97 283 IS-K
11-Oct-2016 Kabul Gunmen wearing Police uniform attacked Shia Hazara’s Sakhi Shrine in Karte Sakhi and killed 18 people while injuring another 58 Shia Hazaras. 19 58 IS-K
12-Oct-2016 Balkh Roadside bomb targeted a Shia Hazara procession in Balkh with 14 people killed and another 70 injured 14 70 Taliban or its affiliated group
25-Oct-2016 Ghor Taliban stopped Hazara students car and brutally killed one and injured 5 others 1 5 Taliban
21-Nov-2016 Kabul Suicide bomber detonated himself among the worshipers in Baqir-ul-Ulom Masjid and killed 32 people and injured another 64 Shia Hazaras. 4 suspects arrested later but the result remained confidential. 34 80 IS-K
07-Jan-2017 Daikundi Three armed-men wearing mask stopped a group of Hazara miners in Tala Wa Barfak district, lined them up, and shot them dead. Qari Meraj, Qari Qutratullah and Qari Musa, Taliban’s shadow district governor for Tala Wa Barfak district are said to be responsible for this attack. No one has been arrested to this date. 7 4 Taliban
16-Jun-2017 Kabul Suicide bomber Attacked at Shia mosque in western Kabul and killed 4, including Haji Ramazan 4 8 IS-K
03-Aug-2017 Sar-e Pul Taliban and IS-K fighters launched an attack against Mirza Olang village in Sayaad District of Sar-e Pul and massacred 36 Shia Hazaras, including women and children, and forced 450 families to empty the village 56 2 IS-K & Taliban
26-Aug-2017 Kabul Bombers, gunmen attack Shia Imam Zaman mosque at Qala Najara of Kabul, killed 28 and injured 50 Shia Hazara people 55 50 IS-K
20-Oct-2017 Kabul A suicide bomber detonated his explosives inside the Shia Imam Zamam mosque in Dasht-e Barchi of capital, Kabul, killed 30 people and injured over 45 Shia Hazaras 30 45 IS-K
29-Dec-2017 Kabul Three suicide bombers detonated explosives inside the Afghan Voice, Tebyan centre, in Western Kabul, killed 40 and injured 84 Shia Hazaras, including women, children and students. 41 84 IS-K
09-Mar-2018 Kabul A suicide bomber blew himself up while trying to enter a gathering commemorating the anniversary of the Martyrdom of Abdul Ali Mazari in Dasht e Barchi of Western Kabul 7 7 IS-K
21-Mar-2018 Kabul A suicide bomber attacked a crowd of hundreds on Nowruz (New Year’s festival), killed 31 and injured 65, including many Shia Hazaras 31 65 IS-K
22-Apr-2018 Kabul A suicide bomber detonated explosive, killing 57 Hazaras, including women and children, and injuring 119, outside a voter registration centre in western Kabul 57 119 IS-K
15-Aug-2018 Kabul Suicide attack killed 48 & injured 67 Hazara college hopefuls in Dasht e Barchi Kabul. 48 67 IS-K
5-Sep-2018 At least 20 killed and 70 wounded in twin bombings at a wrestling club in district 6, Kabul. 20 70 Unknown


Note: The above list does not include minor incidents which are not verified or not available on the internet and the Kuchi attacks against Shia Hazaras (despite knowing its relativity), nor it includes other terrorist attacks that have brought suffering to the Shia Hazara community in the post-2001 Afghanistan war.